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Our Vision is to create a comprehensive program in performing arts for students two years of age through adult. We hope to give each student the opportunity to learn in and through the arts, making strong connections between all areas of theatre performance, be it on stage or backstage, increasing their motivation to learn and succeed in life.

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Thursday's Modified Class Schedule

by keith walls on 01/12/17

Hello Everyone,

This snow has been really fun for the everyone but I know it's made for some difficult road conditions. Today instead of cancelling classes, we've decided to have a fun day here at APA.

Note: this is a modified schedule and our regular schedule today is NOT in effect, but here's what we are going to do....

Ages 3-7 are invited to come in today between 4-5. (All APA students are invited and also invited to bring a friend {free})

    4-4:30 Fun Dance Camp: focusing on cardio dance exercise, strength and stretching

    4:40-5 Fun Time Camp:? Let get funky and have fun with hip hop, jazz, and musical theatre!

Ages 8+ are invited to come in today between 5-6:30

    5-5:45 Dance Conditioning Class

    5:45-6:30 Hip Hop, Jazz, and Musical Theatre (All APA students are invited and also invited to bring a friend {free}):

So, no regularly schedule classes today but join us from 4-6:30 for a fun modified day!

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